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Management Tools for Quality Improvement

Just Culture Event Reviews are moderated, user-directed reviews of unintended or undesired outcomes in your company, agency, or organization.  Proven to reduce error in such diverse industries as transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and high reliability organizations ("HROs"), these principles can be deployed to help you and your team develop a productive culture of continuous quality improvement.

What Is A "Just Culture?"

Just Culture is the concept and process of attempting to manage human fallibility at the intersection of system design and individual behavioral choices. It guides a constructive response to quality and compliance issues.


Just Culture tools help managers evaluate individual and group participation in compliance issues and understand the relative contributions of individual decision-making vs. environmental factors on the incident in question.

Managers deploying the Just Culture tools embrace a focus on continual improvement, safety and quality, and balance a supportive and protective approach to employees while upholding the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

How I Help

I have conducted Just Culture Event Reviews in a variety of settings, evaluating outcomes large and small and generating novel business solutions to improve quality and employee engagement going forward.  I am available for trainings or to moderate event reviews.


Interested in Learning more?

Send me a message or give me a call... I love discussing these topics, so reach out via the form or phone number in the contact section below.

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