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Helping People and Organizations Flourish

I work with large and small for-profit, non-profit, and government enterprises to improve their execution, enhance employee engagement, increase transparency, and achieve mission-critical needs. This includes the use of Just Culture Event Reviews to instill a culture of continuous learning and growth from adversity.

After receiving a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) with Distinction from the University of Pennsylvania, I joined Penn’s Positive Psychology Center as a Senior Fellow. Positive Psychology is the study of how individuals, groups, organizations, and communities can thrive. At the PPC I work with some of the world’s leading scholars in the science of flourishing and well-being to design and implement real-world programs that help people reimagine their lives and their organizations in ways that help them thrive.

I published a book, a non-fiction story about a man exonerated dramatically from death row in Louisiana. You should read it! And please take a spin through my blog, to get a better sense of how I communicate and where I focus my time.
The loves of my life include my wife and children, the Baltimore Orioles, and the collected works of Elmore Leonard.

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