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Find Your Inner Randy: What American Idol Can Teach Us About Emotional Balance

In times of uncertainty or fear, we can choose the narrative we want to follow. Bracket your best and worst cases and then identify the most likely realistic outcome.

I th

ink of it as "Pick your (somewhat dated) American Idol judge:"

Simon is your worst-case alternative: that was low-grade karaoke, totally awful.

Paula is your best-case alternative: I just love you as an artist and you’re amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Then try listening to your inner Randy, who is more objective. Aright, dog, that was a little rough in spots, and I’m not sure that's my favorite song for you to sing. But you really went after it, and you’re growing as an artist, and I think we’ll see you back next week.

Translation: This will be a tough period. But the world is uniting to address this crisis, we’re getting more and more information every day. China reported no new infections today, and hey - Manolo Blahnik has re-opened most of its stores in Asia! In a few weeks we’ll begin rebuilding and things will gradually return to a new, but manageable normal. Stay calm and keep ties with your communities and we will get there together.

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